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Jacquis Neal is an actor, comedian and podcast host living in Los Angeles by way of Chicago, IL. 

Jacquis is the co-host of the Earwolf Podcast, Culture Kings. He is a house team performer and producer at the UCB LA Theatre, performing improv and sketch comedy on Harold and Maude Night respectively. 

On the screen, Jacquis has appeared on TV shows Liza OnDemand, Bless This Mess, Kingpin Katie, was the American voice of Fuba on the Netflix series Brotherhood, and Silvio on Netflix series Omniscient. He's been in a few national commercial spots, and well as many comedy shorts on the web. Jacquis was born and raised in Chicago, IL, where he was an active member of Chicago's amazing theatre scene performing at venues like Lifeline Theatre and American Theatre Company and many more. He is proud to be from a place with the best food and vibe alive, the 2016 World Series Champion Cubs, and where he grew up with a front row seat watching Michael Jordan play. Enough said.